QSC SF-3 Subwoofer Filter

The SF-3 subwoofer filter allows the addition of subwoofers to an existing full-range system, offering adjustable low-pass filtering and high-pass subsonic filtering with optional B6 boost and mono-summing. The unit mounts to the rear panel of a two-channel DCA, CX, or ISA amplifiers to save cost and rack spack. The amplifier’s DataPort provides the accessory’s operating power and receives the output signals, eliminating added external wiring or power transformers. For subwoofer material derived from full-range audio, a 4th-order Linkwitz-Riley low-pass filter lets you set the upper range of the subwoofer band to 80, 150, or 250 Hz. The subsonic filter offers a range of roll-off frequencies from 20 to 50 Hz to protect subwoofers from over excursion, with optional equalization to extend the response of B6 speaker enclosures. A trim control provides 0 to 20 dB of attenuation for matching levels among the various frequency bands. Filter frequencies are programmable via provided SIP resistor networks. Download PDF file

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