QSC LF-3 Low Frequency filter

The LF-3 Low-Frequency filter, when used with the XC-3 two-way crossover, provides the low-frequency crossover to create a three way active system. The unit mounts to the rear panel of a two-channel DCA, CX, or ISA amplifiers to save cost and rack space. The output signal and the operating power for the unit are conducted through the amplifier’s DataPort, eliminating added external wiring or power transformers. The LF-3 features two discrete channels with 4th-order Linkwitz- Riley low-pass filters with 24 dB/octave slopes. Each channel has an all-pass filter providing delay for time alignment of low frequency drivers with mid- or high-frequency drivers, as well as a trim control providing 0 to 20 dB of attenuation for matching levels among the various frequency bands. Frequency and delay parameters for both channels are set individually. One LF-3 mounted on an amplifier will support two other amplifiers with XC-3 accessories installed, even in stereo. Download PDF file
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