QSC DSP-3 Signal Processor Module

The DSP-3’s powerful processor allows you to perform a wide range of signal processing functions. Whether you need speaker crossovers, EQ, time delay, or subsonic filters, the DSP-3 is as flexible as your system’s needs. Save space and weight by plugging the DSP-3 into the back of most DataPort-equipped QSC amplifiers. Or use multiple DSP-3s as a stand-alone, rack-mountable DSP solution. Signal Manager Software for the DSP-3 is included. Download PDF file


  • Crossover filtering
  • Compression and limiting
  • Multiple Parametric EQs
  • Precision attenuation
  • Shelf filtering
  • Mixing
  • Multiple Delays (up to 910 ms)
  • Tone or noise generation

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